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We enjoy inspiring people to see their own hidden talents and their purpose.

Here are some of the responses that make us want to continue...

Communicate, Collaborate, Celebrate!!!

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"It was very helpful to me to take time to think about my community because it gave me a couple of new ideas."

"Good job!! You included chances for us to share and interact.  Thanks for coming!"

"You guys rock!  Thanks for the great ideas and different ways of looking at things!"

"I liked that you provided activities using our specific programs, not models, you gave something we can actually use or at least try." 

"High spirited, great info. Fun group. Would recommend them."

"You ladies got me thinking of all the resources that are surrounding me.  I need to get out there and start talking to them." 

"Fun interactive session!  Engaging!"

"Good ideas. Appreciated the sharing time.  Strategies give a starting point."

"Thanks for the great session-very upbeat and interactive without being “hokey”.

"Wendy and Danielle:  I’m glad I stayed with you two (I had signed up for other classes).  I made the right choice because now I have all the goods I need to go out and “BRAG!”  

"Loved it!  Lots of great ideas and learned a bunch.  Pumped to get back and get to work."

"Love the energy!  You two are a dynamic duo and a breath of fresh air.  Great tips and ideas.  Thank you!"

"Another awesome presentation!  Thanks for all the insights and things we were so unaware of".