Communicate, Collaborate, Celebrate!!!

We build excitement around collecting and utilizing consistent and accurate data.  ​We work as a coordinating liaison with your team to build support based on your data.  We support our clients to achieve their goals through relevant data and research by providing: 

Data Management & Training

We work as liaison between you, your programs and the data management team/company to develop project specific trainings to meet local, state and/or federal requirements.  Our successful format includes an initial planning session with the project manager to establish specific goals and tools for accountability.   From there we hold group trainings for program staff that cover expectations and data requirements.   Followed up with one-on-one or small group trainings to ensure concise and accurate data is collected allowing programs to tell their story that have been developed around student success.  Lastly we provide on-going technical assistance as we feel it is a shared responsibility between us, the grantors and the grantees (or program managers and programs) to continuously communicate the program indicators by providing on-going technical assistance.

Data Monitoring

Working with our clients and their data management system we develop an individualized plan for data monitoring based on their program goals. At the initial set-up meeting we gather your individualized program information. We work with your leadership team to determine the frequency of data monitoring.  We compile and send individualized Data Reviews for each of your programs at your determined monitoring times. The Data Reviews include all backup documents to assist the programs in finding and inputting inaccurate data.   We follow each Data Review by compiling an Overview Report which include all individual program data reviews to administrators and lead agency.


We establish a program evaluation based on the goals and objectives you have developed.  We research and compile past efforts, data and lessons learned to create a framework for an overarching evaluation geared towards:  program indicators focused on youth outcomes, grant requirements, the impact of quality and system efforts.  We will help hold program staff and key players accountable to develop an action plan, explore avenues for collecting qualitative data and setting realistic goals to support continuous improvement and quality.

Project Summary

Our project summaries are provided to the programs, local educational agencies (LEA), and state education agencies (SEA) or where deemed necessary.  We provide a summary for the current year and past years the program has been funded (the life of the grant).  The Project Summaries can include average daily attendance, number of participants, staffing, partners, funding sources and outcomes.

Technical Assistance

Our services include technical assistance for program staff to help answer any questions on collecting and inputting data correctly to show a complete picture of their program.  We know how important our clients time is and will accommodate them with various styles of communication (phone calls, emails, texts or on-line).  Typically our programs email us with questions or concerns.  We provide a quick turnaround (within 24 hours) to  answer or trouble shoot their situations either with a descriptive email or a follow-up call.  As your liaison we help control your data management customer service hours by becoming your state data expert.  For example, we can assist you with common questions by sending out updates to programs, troubleshoot some upcoming issues working  with the data management agency and utilize collected data to enhance program outcomes.


Data is the backbone of our company guiding us in all aspects of our services